mercredi, février 6 2019, 15:51

Fosdem 2019

Once again I was lucky to attend fosdem this year. This is my 14th one (I've skipped 2015 - for work related reasons). As always it was great, As always too many talks and too many people to see and talk to. This year, like last, I helped with the Key Signing Party and also with cleaning up on the Sunday evening. I really really enjoy volunteering at the conference and you should try to and see if that fits you. This was my fist year with snow, it was nice even if it made things slippery but I enjoyed it nevertheless. 7974d2215f8f66b3.jpg

What did I take away from this fosdem :

  • TLSa for email delivery.
  • SSHfp (but I wonder if that scale) - which made me think about trying DNSSec again on my domain.
  • A gpg dongle from a freebsd conf (thanks roberto).
  • Plenty of signature on my relatively new key.
  • All the friends I met were using signal - and one of them showed me how to verify users - signing key style. Loved this
  • Since the author of Pius attended the Key signing party - he kindly twitted on how to use Pius in the fosdem context.
  • Key servers are available via onion.
  • The Mozilla booth was very successful.


lundi, février 5 2018, 09:33

Fosdem 2018 recap

I'm back from fosdem let's quickly recap what I've learned :

  • Discovered Chrony - a ntpd replacement developed by RedHat - it ships by default on Fedora.
  • European member of parliament was asking for our help to make sure they passed the right laws.
  • Discovered Zonemaster à equivalent of Mozilla's Observatory but for the DNS infrastructure.
  • Met a bunch of old mozillian friends, belge one, old Jooster. I also missed some that I know were coming.
  • Helped during the keysigning party - It felt like it went smoothly - we were finished in two hours.