mardi, mars 20 2018, 12:51

Updating to the latest doctclear on centos7

I've been nagged by dotclear that there was a new version , but that my PHP version was too old for it to install. As I'm running CentOS 7 , I decided to switch to remi-repo and followed the docs at
After that I restarted httpd and did the update. that simple.

mercredi, février 22 2017, 10:23

Je viens d'ajouter TZ à mon /etc/profile

Après avoir lu j'ai éditer sur mes machines fedora et centos /etc/profile afin d'y exporter TZ :

export TZ

j'ai bien entendu pris le temps de vérifier les dire du blog ci-dessus.

lundi, février 20 2017, 04:42

Securing for cheap some sparse CentOS boxes

I'm a full time sysadmin at a big company where we have plenty of tools that would be way to much when dealing with a box or two. On my free time I also do some sysadmin for fun - and profit as I learn from it.
When you setup a machine it's clean , packages are up to date and no known security holes are there. But then on gets busy and forgets the machine, which of course gets hacked and is used by non friendly people. On the Debian side of things install and configure apticron and you're done. You'll get an email when things need to be patched - with description of why and command to do it. SO it's quite easy to stay up to date, but that's Debian, how about if you run Centos ?

jeudi, février 16 2017, 14:21

Fedora or Centos ? titq

I'm soon going to get a new machine , a beefy one, a desktop workstation with 2 xeon inside. The plan is to run a bunch of services on VM, for testing and learning. I'd like to have a bunch of host running puppet , and fake services just for my admin skills to get better.

I'm having to choose which distribution to run on the machine. I need to choose between fedora and centos. Knowing that I'll run a bunch of VM on centos and probably none fedora based ones. I want my use of the base OS to benefit as most as it can to the rest of the world, and I have no idea how redhat works for QA and such, hence this post. To make my machine benefit more users what should It run ? (for example If I was asked the question for Firefox, knowing that I'm still a tech savvy person, I would answer nightly)
You'll get bonus points if you let me know what VM software to run :)