lundi, novembre 26 2018, 12:32

My end of 2018 flickr whish list

I've been using flickr since 2006 or so. I was a pro user from 2007 to 2016 - deleted an account and lost grand fathership doing so. I didn't renew my pro account when I realized the only thing I would get would be stats - and I had lost unlimited. Recently flickr made an announcement that is good for the long term of the web - they've made the free accounts way less interesting - and this will sucks for users that used the free space to dump pictures - but I think giving everything for free is bad for the culture and is not good for privacy on the long run. As explained in my deleted post I'm back on flickr. Things I'd like to see in future versions of flickr :

  • ipv6 support
  • no move to AWS, Azure or Google compute - stay independent
  • let user have custom domains, I'd love to be able to use and push that to my flickr account.
  • Make sharing to Mastodon a thing (that could easily replace the google+ share functionality).
  • Get rid of Google analytics and replace it with your solution so people's privacy is preserved.
  • Make it possible for people to tip pictures/galleries/forum post as a good way to say thank you.

Now free ideas that wouldn't change how I see think about flickr:

  • Push forum - they've always been a great resources (as are group threads like the bazillions ID groups)
  • Monetize Camera Finder - when people are looking for cameras - link to some merchant site where you'd get a cut, if the item is not for sale anymore, point to ebay and such
  • Make the Print option something - I want to print something CC licensed (you get a share/ printer get's a share) - other license (photographer get's a share/flickr too as printer). Make it possible to have a special gallery of images for sale that photographer want to promoted in printed format.
  • Strike a deal with camera makers/Adobe for a first year discount when people create accounts
  • Same idea for phones (probably easier in the Android galaxy).