Thursday, February 16 2017, 14:21

Fedora or Centos ? titq

I'm soon going to get a new machine , a beefy one, a desktop workstation with 2 xeon inside. The plan is to run a bunch of services on VM, for testing and learning. I'd like to have a bunch of host running puppet , and fake services just for my admin skills to get better.

I'm having to choose which distribution to run on the machine. I need to choose between fedora and centos. Knowing that I'll run a bunch of VM on centos and probably none fedora based ones. I want my use of the base OS to benefit as most as it can to the rest of the world, and I have no idea how redhat works for QA and such, hence this post. To make my machine benefit more users what should It run ? (for example If I was asked the question for Firefox, knowing that I'm still a tech savvy person, I would answer nightly)
You'll get bonus points if you let me know what VM software to run :)