vendredi, février 8 2019, 10:45

Configuration Management Camp 2019

This year on top of fosdem and CentOS dojo , I also attended CnfmgmtCamp in Gent , be. It's a two day conference, and a days ackathon on tools like Puppet/Chef/Ansible/Foreman and a few others. With 750 attendees it's really a *big* conference were people exchange how they deal with infrastructure management tools. I learned a few tricks here and there. It was very interesting, I'll probably attend it again next year if I can.

mercredi, février 6 2019, 15:51

Fosdem 2019

Once again I was lucky to attend fosdem this year. This is my 14th one (I've skipped 2015 - for work related reasons). As always it was great, As always too many talks and too many people to see and talk to. This year, like last, I helped with the Key Signing Party and also with cleaning up on the Sunday evening. I really really enjoy volunteering at the conference and you should try to and see if that fits you. This was my fist year with snow, it was nice even if it made things slippery but I enjoyed it nevertheless. 7974d2215f8f66b3.jpg

What did I take away from this fosdem :

  • TLSa for email delivery.
  • SSHfp (but I wonder if that scale) - which made me think about trying DNSSec again on my domain.
  • A gpg dongle from a freebsd conf (thanks roberto).
  • Plenty of signature on my relatively new key.
  • All the friends I met were using signal - and one of them showed me how to verify users - signing key style. Loved this
  • Since the author of Pius attended the Key signing party - he kindly twitted on how to use Pius in the fosdem context.
  • Key servers are available via onion.
  • The Mozilla booth was very successful.


samedi, février 2 2019, 07:59

Attending CentOS Dojo

This year I attended CentOs dojo just before the fosdem start. I add little expectations, I run two centos servers and manage many more at work , so I was curious on what a Dojo would look like and what I'd gain from it. The day was packed in to two tracks with 16 talks, in a nice hotel situated in the heart of Brussels - food and drink were catered which made things even nicer. The talks I followed were quite interesting as insight on what other do with the OS, how they run it at scale. I'd recommend attending.

lundi, février 6 2017, 21:47

Dimache au fosdem 2017

Lire la suite...

samedi, février 4 2017, 22:02

fosdem 2017 j1

Je suis arrivé assez tôt et j’ai pu visiter des bâtiments assez vide. C’est la deuxième fois que je le fait, j’aime vraiment beaucoup cette ambiance fantomatique. Puis Francisco est arrivé pour monter le stand Mozilla, j’ai donné un coup de main, et je suis partit m’installer dans Jansen pour suivre la keynote, assez émouvante appelant à aider physiquement au fosdem et que la récompense était encore plus immense que le temps passé comme volontaire.

La première conf, faite par l’un des cofondateurs de CoreOS sur kubernetes.C'est assez intéressant, mais comme tout projet qui gère tout faut voir à l’usage comment ça se comporte. J’ai beaucoup aimé, je vais sans doute regarder ça de plus près dans les semaines qui viennent. En gros j’ai beaucoup aimé les élections se perdent par faute de participant. Jubernetes ressemble dans le concept au projet nubis sur lequel travaille Mozilla.

Ensuite Software heritage est venu présenter son projet j’aime beaucoup le sens, la méthode. Mais cela ne fonctionne que depuis la révolution Open source de la fin des années 90, que faire de logiciel comme visicalc ou des jeux des années 80 qui sont closed source et dont les boites ont disparu ? (heureusement il y a aussi qui bosse sur le sujet). Enfin le projet a atteint 150 TB de données dé-dupliquées comment les maintenir sur le long terme.

Ensuite j’ai discuté avec beaucoup de monde et j’ai juste suivit d’une oreille une conf sur Foreman et mes mise à jour de module puppet …

J’ai fini la soirée a rattrapé le temps perdu avec Fabrice – c’était super cool.

vendredi, février 3 2017, 23:21

The world is small

While traveling to Brussels, I've met Gabriel Mičko in the plane and we talk about what he was volunteering for Mozilla. That's how I came aware of our tech speaker's program. Nice initiative. After talking for a while about FirefoxOS, Connected device, the guy on the other side of me introduced himself as the leader of the Pale Moon project, which breaks even and proposes patches that he said we are ignoring. On my way from the station I met Jinn a former colleague from Joost. The world is really small specially around Fosdem :)