samedi, mai 9 2020, 13:07

Recommendations are moving entities

At my new job we publish an open source webapp map systems uxing a mix of technologies, we also offer it as SAS. Last Thursday I looked at how our Nginx server was configured TLS wise.

I was thrilled to see the comment in our nginx code saying the configuration had been built using mozilla's ssl config tool. At the same time I was shocked to see that the configuration that dated from early 2018 was completely out of date. Half of the ciphers were gone. So we took a modern config and applied it.

Once done we turned ourselves to the observatory to check out our score, and me and my colleague were disappointed to get an F. So we fixed what we could easily (the cyphers) and added an issue to our product to make it more secure for our users.

We'll also probably add a calendar entry to check our score on a regular basis, as the recommendation will change, our software configuration will change too.

mardi, mars 17 2020, 13:55

New Job

I started working for a new Gig, at the beginning of this month. It's a nice little company focused on mapping solutions. They work on open source software, QGIS and Postgis, and have developed a nice webapp called lizmap. I am a sysadmin there managing their SAS offering.

jeudi, février 6 2020, 12:59

Fosdem turns 20

I've been attending Fosdem since 2004 when I was involved with Camino. I got enticed to come by a post of Tristan. On that particular year I got enrolled by Gerv to check a few mac things. I met Patrick who was working on enigmail, and we became friends. I was hooked - and have only missed Fosdem 2015. Over the years I gave talks. I met new people, made friends. 3 years ago I became a volunteer, by accident and ran the PGP key signing party. I enjoyed being a volunteer, it was fun and gave me an orange T-shirt to grow my collection. So the year after I signed up on to help clean up on the Sunday evening. It was my first time attending the fosdem fringe (CentOS dojo and Configuration Management Camp).
2020 was very special: I helped organize the Mozilla dev room (thank you, Anthony and Jean-Yves for letting me be part of that). A few things happened that shortened the number of Volunteers this year. I Managed the room and had the pleasure to introduce speakers and talks. It was very smooth because Robert was directing people to the door where space was available in the auditorium. My two favorites were:

Once the talks were over, I attended the last two talks in the main auditorium Janson. The closing talk and the one remembering 20 year of conference. This later was a hell of a great show thanks MarquisdeGeek (Video is not ready yet).

mardi, octobre 8 2019, 14:06

[Tips for remotees 1/xxx] Don't be Isolated.

Welcome to a new series of blog post where I'll share at random, tips and tricks that I've gathered over the last 10 years as a remote worker. I have work for 1 company on different subject and in two countries , as I've moved from one to another while working remotely. I have managed to work being single, married without kids and married with kids. Advice that I'll be giving here are mostly from the employee's perspective, I'll also try to give a few hints about how to manage remotees. Disclaimer I have not read "Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart" from my ex-coworker.

So let's start by the obvious first tip : don't stay alone. When I started working remote I had a girlfriend so I was quite occupied, when I wasn't working and when I was. But I was working from home, so Id' miss chitchatting with colleagues over a coffee. But I was coming out of a startup that was using skype as it's main chat tool and there was/(still is) an alumni chat session. So when I had a question or when I wanted to rant or think about something else or just have a pause I would chat with my ex-colleagues. After a few month I broke up with the woman I was with. And was left with almost not physical interaction with humans. The only thing close to it was me going to a swimming pool once a week and seeing people - but hardly interacting with them.After a month or two of that regime I started looking for a new job - a non remote one. Thankfully the 1,5h train ride killed the idea, while I made local friends using the meetup service (I was a Frenchman living in The Nederlands - Met Other people like me , we ended up having a weekly get together - which ended up in me meeting my wife). I also had an ex-coworker not living far from me that was also working on his own venture. We ended up having weekly lunches at the same restaurant were we could both bitch at life work and food :-p.

When I moved back to my own country, it took my ISP two weeks to provide me with Internet access. In the meanwhile I needed access so I ended up going to the local co-working space. This was nice as I could interact with people in the same situation as mine (except that most of them were freelancers). They didn't have the same job nor background, so I had real nice tea chats. In the end I stop using the co-working facilities as I had plenty of meeting and I'm kind of a loud person - so I didn't fit much there and was more an annoyance than anything. But it was really a good solution to fight loneliness or the lack of human interaction (work related I mean). Finally I moved to a less populated area - were co-working didn't exist and was no option. Lunch with friend was not an option either. The only thing that kept me connected to work/ the rest of the world was IRC conversations with locals (a bit more locals , but I really mean French people here). The other thing that help was my involvement in local things like the kindergarten/ the library and so forth. This let me talk to people about work issue , even if they didn't understand everything venting helped a lot.

vendredi, février 1 2019, 00:01

10 years working for Mozilla

10 years ago, today I started working for Mozillamessaging. I was using my own computer until fosdem 2009 during which Davida and I ended up a MediaMarkt in Brussels to buy my Mac (I needed a mac in order to be able to test Linux, Windows and MacOS), so I could properly work as the Thunderbird QA lead. When Mozilla phased out Thunderbird, I asked to join the IT team - my sneaky plan was to manage email but server side. I ended up in the SRE team that got renamed MOC. I've been contributing since probably 1999 (reporting bugs because mozilla wasn't available on my platform of choice). I've changed projects numerous time, The suite -> Camino -> Thunderbird -> IT. I've had 5 bosses. and used bugzilla probably more than what's good for my sanity.

vendredi, décembre 21 2018, 11:46

December 2018 - what extensions do I use in Firefox desktop

Here is the current list of extensions I have in my Firefox desktop nightly profile :

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

This let's me use Containers , in a smoother fashion, if forces some domains to be opened in type of container. For instance Facebook is forced to my shopping container (and that's the only thing going into that container).

Grammalecte && Grammarly for Firefox

because I'm so bad at spelling and grammar. These free tools help me with both french and English. I'd use druide's Antidote if I wasn't so cheap.

HTTPS everywhere

Less needed than a few years ago, it helps me secure my web exploration.

Mastodon Share

Because I use Mastodon as my preferred social network and that Mastodon button are not always present on websites. I hope that with the demise of G+, g+ share buttons will be replace with mastodon ones.


Because I liked sharing and saving my bookmarks ( was a very nice social experience).

Security Report Card

Cause I like to make the web more secure and , I can easily spot the rating when visiting a site. This let's me quickly decide that I will contact the site owner of not and let him know that his site could be configured better.

Universal Amazon Killer

So I don't have to search too much and can use amazon as a search engine and then shop locally

Wayback machine

so I don't stumble too much on 404 :)

First Party Isolation

because I was too lazy to flip a preference.

mardi, novembre 20 2018, 12:19

CR Capitole du Libre 2018

Cette année, comme les années précédentes j’ai “organisé” la présence de Mozilla au Capitole du libre. je dis organisé entre guillemet car au dernier moment l’ami Rzr nous a rejoint pour nous aider à tenir le stand et présenter ce que Mozilla fait en matière d’IOT de nos jours. Nous avons donc pu tenir le stand et allez donner nos présentations sans que le stand soit vide.
La présence de nombreux goodies sur le stand plus la plante et les lumières d’IOT ont fait qu’il y a eut une affluence – qui sans l’avoir compté approchait celle des années précédentes – sauf durant la conférence de Tristant, en effet tout le monde l’écoutait. En termes de stand nous présentions Common Voice – et a notre grand surprise beaucoup de visiteurs connaissaient déjà. Nous présentions aussi la présence de Focus et de Firefox sur mobile; Deux questions récurrentes sont revenues, comment trouver Firefox sur F-droid et pourquoi il n’y avait pas de lien de téléchargement F-droid sur nos pages officielles.

J’aimerais remercier El doctor pour les stickers Common Voice, teoli pour les t-shirts MDN, Sylvestre et Pascal pour les nombreux auto-collant Firefox et Firefox nightly. Les organisateurs et leurs sponsors, de nous avoir fait confiance à la fois au niveau du village du libre et pour les conférences. Les bénévoles sans qui y aurait rien eut. Enfin un grand merci à Linkid qui a joué avec mes enfants sur le stand de la LAN party durant tout le week-end.

En note plus personnel j’ai pu assister à une conférence super intéressante de Vincent sur l’import d’un fond photographique sur la galaxie Wiki. J'ai revu un copain de Fac, que j'avais perdu depuis 20 ans, ça m'a fait bien plaisr de te revoir Christian. Enfin je suis très content d'avoir pu participer à la campagne de financement de nos-oignons.