Wednesday, February 6 2019, 15:51

Fosdem 2019

Once again I was lucky to attend fosdem this year. This is my 14th one (I've skipped 2015 - for work related reasons). As always it was great, As always too many talks and too many people to see and talk to. This year, like last, I helped with the Key Signing Party and also with cleaning up on the Sunday evening. I really really enjoy volunteering at the conference and you should try to and see if that fits you. This was my fist year with snow, it was nice even if it made things slippery but I enjoyed it nevertheless. 7974d2215f8f66b3.jpg

What did I take away from this fosdem :

  • TLSa for email delivery.
  • SSHfp (but I wonder if that scale) - which made me think about trying DNSSec again on my domain.
  • A gpg dongle from a freebsd conf (thanks roberto).
  • Plenty of signature on my relatively new key.
  • All the friends I met were using signal - and one of them showed me how to verify users - signing key style. Loved this
  • Since the author of Pius attended the Key signing party - he kindly twitted on how to use Pius in the fosdem context.
  • Key servers are available via onion.
  • The Mozilla booth was very successful.


Saturday, February 2 2019, 07:59

Attending CentOS Dojo

This year I attended CentOs dojo just before the fosdem start. I add little expectations, I run two centos servers and manage many more at work , so I was curious on what a Dojo would look like and what I'd gain from it. The day was packed in to two tracks with 16 talks, in a nice hotel situated in the heart of Brussels - food and drink were catered which made things even nicer. The talks I followed were quite interesting as insight on what other do with the OS, how they run it at scale. I'd recommend attending.

Friday, February 1 2019, 00:01

10 years working for Mozilla

10 years ago, today I started working for Mozillamessaging. I was using my own computer until fosdem 2009 during which Davida and I ended up a MediaMarkt in Brussels to buy my Mac (I needed a mac in order to be able to test Linux, Windows and MacOS), so I could properly work as the Thunderbird QA lead. When Mozilla phased out Thunderbird, I asked to join the IT team - my sneaky plan was to manage email but server side. I ended up in the SRE team that got renamed MOC. I've been contributing since probably 1999 (reporting bugs because mozilla wasn't available on my platform of choice). I've changed projects numerous time, The suite -> Camino -> Thunderbird -> IT. I've had 5 bosses. and used bugzilla probably more than what's good for my sanity.

Friday, January 11 2019, 08:37

Formation à docker

Je suis en train de suivre une formation sur docker, donnée par jpetazzo de la société enix. J’en suis ravi, charmé. Ma connaissance de docker se limitait au fait que j’ai des copains qui bossent (aient) chez docker inc. Que nagios avait eu des soucis sur des process docker dans notre infra et que j’avais vainement tenté de faire tourner des images Windows sur mon Raspberry pie.

Le présentateur maitrise très bien son sujet, c’est donc très fluide malgré les nombreuses questions que nous lui posons. La présentation qui accompagne son discours est bien organisé, c’est dans le bon ordre, elle est sans doute un peu longue avec 600+ transparent. La mise en pratique ce fait sur des vm mis à notre disposition, donc pas de prise de tête pour la mise en place, ça fonctionne nickel et on pourra sans doute utiliser les VM pour s’amuser un peu après.

Un deuxième formateur est présent dans la salle pour nous aider lors des exercices pratiques ou répondre à nos questions sur un canal Glitter.

Les trucs que j'ai découvert :

  • jq pour parser du json en ligne de commande
  • figlet, un remplaçant de banner :p
  • drill (présent dans ldns-utils sur fedora) la prochaine version de dig, qui gère par exemple le dnssec.

Friday, December 21 2018, 11:46

December 2018 - what extensions do I use in Firefox desktop

Here is the current list of extensions I have in my Firefox desktop nightly profile :

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

This let's me use Containers , in a smoother fashion, if forces some domains to be opened in type of container. For instance Facebook is forced to my shopping container (and that's the only thing going into that container).

Grammalecte && Grammarly for Firefox

because I'm so bad at spelling and grammar. These free tools help me with both french and English. I'd use druide's Antidote if I wasn't so cheap.

HTTPS everywhere

Less needed than a few years ago, it helps me secure my web exploration.

Mastodon Share

Because I use Mastodon as my preferred social network and that Mastodon button are not always present on websites. I hope that with the demise of G+, g+ share buttons will be replace with mastodon ones.


Because I liked sharing and saving my bookmarks ( was a very nice social experience).

Security Report Card

Cause I like to make the web more secure and , I can easily spot the rating when visiting a site. This let's me quickly decide that I will contact the site owner of not and let him know that his site could be configured better.

Universal Amazon Killer

So I don't have to search too much and can use amazon as a search engine and then shop locally

Wayback machine

so I don't stumble too much on 404 :)

First Party Isolation

because I was too lazy to flip a preference.

Monday, November 26 2018, 12:32

My end of 2018 flickr whish list

I've been using flickr since 2006 or so. I was a pro user from 2007 to 2016 - deleted an account and lost grand fathership doing so. I didn't renew my pro account when I realized the only thing I would get would be stats - and I had lost unlimited. Recently flickr made an announcement that is good for the long term of the web - they've made the free accounts way less interesting - and this will sucks for users that used the free space to dump pictures - but I think giving everything for free is bad for the culture and is not good for privacy on the long run. As explained in my deleted post I'm back on flickr. Things I'd like to see in future versions of flickr :

  • ipv6 support
  • no move to AWS, Azure or Google compute - stay independent
  • let user have custom domains, I'd love to be able to use and push that to my flickr account.
  • Make sharing to Mastodon a thing (that could easily replace the google+ share functionality).
  • Get rid of Google analytics and replace it with your solution so people's privacy is preserved.
  • Make it possible for people to tip pictures/galleries/forum post as a good way to say thank you.

Now free ideas that wouldn't change how I see think about flickr:

  • Push forum - they've always been a great resources (as are group threads like the bazillions ID groups)
  • Monetize Camera Finder - when people are looking for cameras - link to some merchant site where you'd get a cut, if the item is not for sale anymore, point to ebay and such
  • Make the Print option something - I want to print something CC licensed (you get a share/ printer get's a share) - other license (photographer get's a share/flickr too as printer). Make it possible to have a special gallery of images for sale that photographer want to promoted in printed format.
  • Strike a deal with camera makers/Adobe for a first year discount when people create accounts
  • Same idea for phones (probably easier in the Android galaxy).

Tuesday, November 20 2018, 12:19

CR Capitole du Libre 2018

Cette année, comme les années précédentes j’ai “organisé” la présence de Mozilla au Capitole du libre. je dis organisé entre guillemet car au dernier moment l’ami Rzr nous a rejoint pour nous aider à tenir le stand et présenter ce que Mozilla fait en matière d’IOT de nos jours. Nous avons donc pu tenir le stand et allez donner nos présentations sans que le stand soit vide.
La présence de nombreux goodies sur le stand plus la plante et les lumières d’IOT ont fait qu’il y a eut une affluence – qui sans l’avoir compté approchait celle des années précédentes – sauf durant la conférence de Tristant, en effet tout le monde l’écoutait. En termes de stand nous présentions Common Voice – et a notre grand surprise beaucoup de visiteurs connaissaient déjà. Nous présentions aussi la présence de Focus et de Firefox sur mobile; Deux questions récurrentes sont revenues, comment trouver Firefox sur F-droid et pourquoi il n’y avait pas de lien de téléchargement F-droid sur nos pages officielles.

J’aimerais remercier El doctor pour les stickers Common Voice, teoli pour les t-shirts MDN, Sylvestre et Pascal pour les nombreux auto-collant Firefox et Firefox nightly. Les organisateurs et leurs sponsors, de nous avoir fait confiance à la fois au niveau du village du libre et pour les conférences. Les bénévoles sans qui y aurait rien eut. Enfin un grand merci à Linkid qui a joué avec mes enfants sur le stand de la LAN party durant tout le week-end.

En note plus personnel j’ai pu assister à une conférence super intéressante de Vincent sur l’import d’un fond photographique sur la galaxie Wiki. J'ai revu un copain de Fac, que j'avais perdu depuis 20 ans, ça m'a fait bien plaisr de te revoir Christian. Enfin je suis très content d'avoir pu participer à la campagne de financement de nos-oignons.

Thursday, October 11 2018, 12:46


Je suis super occupé par la vie en ce moment – pour le travail je suis super booké – mais ce que je fais me plait. La rentrée a été épuisante d’où le nombre très réduit de billet. Mais je joue avec puppet/ansible et des frames et segments. Coté jeu j’ai une partie de SAGA en 5 points avec mes romains à mon actif et un Congo sauce Aztek. Il me faut des dés SAGA – que je trouve un peu chers. Je suis bientôt en vacances et j’essayerai de poster plus, mais je ne promets rien.

Sunday, August 26 2018, 13:09

Update on Mining

I now only mine Monero - because I've reached the memory capacity of the GPUs I was using to mine Ethereum. Sia is using custom chips, and you really can't compete with these. I still use Storm on my phone but to a lesser degree that I used to. Monero is mine-able on CPU and I even mine it with my recently acquired Raspberry - but the hash rate is low (10h/s) and probably not worth it. But as I see computing moving of the shitty x86 to a better ARM, I'm trying to help my best by running as much things as I can on arm. I've setup a second tor relay that runs on a ARM VM.

Saturday, August 25 2018, 12:29


Back in May I've received a Raspberry pie 3b+ , and since then I've been wanting to run fedora Server aarch64 on it. I was unable to install because of my lack of patience. 2 weeks ago I've finally managed by accident to install it. I left the room for more than 20 minutes and when I came back the prompt for install was showing. I've now managed to move it to rawhide. I'd like to thanks the people in #fedora-arm for their patience and tips and tricks.

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